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R.A.E. Services Inc. has served the industry with calibration, repair and certification N.I.S.T. of optical, electronic, medical, test instrumentation for many years; catering for most specialized parameters such as Spectral Analysis, Chirp, Phase, PMD, Chromatic Dispersion, Polarization, porosity, pH, ultrasound, Ultraviolet, as well as the standard parameters such as temperature, pressure, voltage, current, resistance. For all non Optical services, please visit our main website at raelectrical.com

The company is run by an enthusiastic team of engineers who have spent most of their working lives in the fields related to designing test equipment and calibration.  

The Head of the laboratory has been in a similar role for the last seven years and has worked in laboratories and design environment since 1979.

This wealth of experience ensures first class documented certificates, which have always been recognized by auditors in the UK and the USA and are treated with respect by auditors at large.


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